The 2023 World Mead Day

Mead Competition with Honey & Products25th – 29th July 2023Theme: 30 Years of Mead in South Africa Download more information and the entry form

About Us

About Us SAMMA members meetings are held every three months. At the meetings members are given the opportunity to share in tasting each other’s meads. Demonstrations are given on how to make mead. It is our goal to have SAMMA Chapters in all major centres of South Africa to encourage the estimated 250 mead produces […]

How to Make MEAD

how to make mead at home Making Mead is a fairly simple process if you have access to honey and a good water source. However, as simple as it is, you still need to gain a certain amount of control to avoid undesirable flavours.    Water; being a large component of your mead production, if you […]